Eric DuPlessis

5019 Duran Drive
Royse City, Texas 75189
Phone 817-219-1597

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Field Care


Hi. My name is Eric DuPlessis. I am owner and operator of Smoking Guns Taxidermy.  When you bring your trophies to me they will treated with care so a great mount can be created. I strive to make your mount as lifelike as possible, while we tan, and finish so they will last a lifetime. 

I studied under my grandfather, who was in the business for 50 years, and I am also continually learning new techniques to ensure your mount will make you and your friends think it is alive. 

I am now taking in Game heads, life size mounts, water fowl, and hide tanning.  I can also create a custom base for your mount upon request.  If you like antler décor contact me so that we can discuss what you are looking for.

Give me a call or stop by to see how I can make your treasures come to life.

If you would like a special mount completed I can also obtain pelts for you.  Call for pricing on these custom mounts